Setting Yourself Up to Win this January and 2020

Setting Yourself Up to Win this January and 2020


It’s all about setting yourself up to win this January and 2020.  One thing I see over and over again are people who get on and off the band wagon of health and fitness. They’re stuck in cycles and don’t even realise, in fact if you timetabled out their year it would read similarly to an athletes timetable but without the same desired effect. For example, an athletes annual time table will be marked out with periods of steady progressive training followed by more intense training culminating in achieving a desired outcome in an event which is normally a winning spot on the podium, a seasons best/personal best, or even a worlds best.  These training segments are normally broadly broken down into 6, 8 to 12 week blocks with an event or goal at the end.  Each training block builds on the previous block and all blocks are working towards an overarching end goal, the Worlds, the Olympics, the County medals etc..;

And there’s the rub!


A lot of people if they aren’t working towards a specific athletic sports goal are very vague about what their overarching end goal is. Normally I hear, “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to tone up”, and yes people do want these things, but is this really the actual overarching goal?  No it isn’t.  These things are some of the physiological outcomes (along with many others) that occur whilst moving towards your overarching goals.  Psychologically speaking, losing weight isn’t going to mean that much to your brain no.1 because it’s not specific enough and needs to be something that you really want or is really necessary for you that will trigger and connect to your psychie.  No. 2 because you’ve used this desire so many times before whilst being stuck on the on/off health and fitness cycle, your brain is now trained this way and will automatically go into the route of the preset cycle.  


Another stumbling block can be the type of smaller goals people have.  For example, in the Western world we have lots of segmented celebratory times of year, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Easter, Summer Holidays, Half term holidays, Bank Holidays, Marriages, Christenings, Birthdays and general Parties.  These things very often become peoples smaller goals, so they work really hard with a trainer to achieve “their goal” (weight loss, toning) to look good for a celebratory time of year.


What happens at these celebratory times of year is that we reward ourselves with lots of food and drink particularly alcoholic drinks and this is confounded even more as we’ve worked really hard at home and work but also “we’ve worked really hard with the trainer!” so we deserve even more reward and Boosh!!  All that hard work is gone in a week!  We’ve set ourselves up to fail the cycle is complete, our brain is happy as it has completed it’s normal pattern of behaviour and our body and future health has lost out again.  


Ok so how do we set ourselves up to win and to keep on winning in a balanced manor?


1/  Be real and truthful about your overarching end goals.  Be specific.  Wanting to look good isn’t enough.  


For example I have a long standing hip injury, a bulging disc in my back and a knee cap that without the strong muscle structure around it slips off its track (I acquired all these things before I was a Personal Trainer and the strength that I now have means none of these things bother me but do return if I don’t keep a certain level of fitness).  I like to get outside and be active (it’s good for my mental health), I can’t stand being in seated office like conditions for more than a couple of hours (it’s killing me sitting here writing this!).  I don’t want to have to use a walking stick, zimmer frame, pee in my pants or be in unnecessary pain when I’m older.  I want to be as active as I can for as long as I can as safely as I can.  I want to know that I’m eating well enough and the right stuff as to promote my best health and longevity for as long as I can.  


These things are really important specifically to me, they trigger my mechanisms of high ranking wants and needs in my brain and motivate me not to give up and not to do a half hearted session or not to have a night off.  This is what I think about in my head because I have been in a lot of pain with those injuries, I was doubly incontinent after my second child for a long time and it was only the right exercise that fixed it, and psychologically I do find it hard being in doors for too long, it drives me a little nuts.  In short I know what it’s like to not have my health and do not want to go back there.    


So, what is it for you?  What do you really, really want when your older?  How do you want your health to be?  How do you want to live?  How do you want to get around your home when older?  How will good or bad health affect your ability to stay in your job/home that you’ve worked so hard for?  Do you want to be able to dance, climb a mountain, run with your kids, do martial arts competitions.  What is it for you?


2/  Don’t have celebratory times of year or holidays as your shorter term goals. Again be specific and they must be measurable!


Chat to your trainer and decide between you what those shorter goals will be and stick to it.  They can be things like deciding to change your body composition scores, so lowering your BMI score, Increasing your muscle mass score, increasing your water intake, lowering your metabolic age score.  You can decide you want to increase your bicep measurements or thigh measurements by a certain amount, you can decide you want to perform 20 full press ups instead of 10 or move from knees to full press ups, perform 10 Pull ups, perform 50 Burpees in a row, run a 5, 10K, ½ marathon, dualathon,  or walk up the stairs without losing your breath. You can decide to eat healthy breakfasts every day for the next 4 weeks. It must be measurable and you must agree what the measurable target is before you start.  You need to know what you are aiming for.  The plan your trainer gives you gets you from A to B, to that shorter terms goal, you must follow it to get to that goal it’s only 6 to 8 weeks of your life.  


3/  Ignore holiday seasons as if they don’t exist keeping your exercise and eating regime as normal as possible until you reach a level of fitness that you are happy with and therefore can maintain whilst allowing some holiday treats.  


Once you have reached the level of fitness you want to achieve it is easy to maintain even after a few holiday treats, until then keeping your goals at the foremost of your mind ignore the fact that you are on holiday or at that wedding.  What do I mean by that?  If you know you’ve hired a trainer for the next 3 - 6 months etc..; then totally commit to that time schedule.  Your doing this for a reason, right?  Think of the overarching goals, concentrate on it and decide how your going to get there. You’ve already committed by hiring the trainer, your listening to what they’re saying, your following the plan and your eating right.  Now continue this.  Be unwavering.  Book a holiday that has a gym, not just a pool or not just outdoor sports, keep up your programme.  Take a Kettlebell and some dumbbells on your caravan holiday and keep up your programme. Eat well, it isn’t hard because your eating out, that’s psychological again, your telling yourself its hard, it’s not.  Pick the healthiest option every single time and don’t drink alcohol if you’ve agreed with your trainer not to, it will make a difference and it’s only one holiday, 1 event or 1 wedding.  Don’t blow all your hard work and effort for a 1 time thing that will come around again and again because in our society these events come round pretty quickly.


4/  Don’t lie to yourself.  


Don’t say to yourself 1 or 2 wines/beers won’t hurt when your at the event.  They will. Especially when on holidays as that 1 or 2 on one night quickly becomes 1 or 2 each night and then more.  Don’ t say to yourself “oh the chicken in a cream and mushroom sauce with the creamed mash followed by apple pie and ice cream won’t hurt, it’s just a one off”.  It will, it will totally mess up your schedule as it’s never ever a one off when you have that mindset.  Order the grilled salmon with the fresh veg and sweet potato followed by sorbet instead. Have a mocktail instead of a cocktail. Keep focused keep thinking about your overarching goals, repeat them in your head and stay steady until you get to where you want to be.  Very often people really surprise themselves by enjoying the event/holiday more as they really appreciate not having the hangovers, feel even more rested than normal and super healthy as they’ve kept to their regime, also they’re generally really proud of themselves as they’ve stuck to what they said they would do and have been in control of their own life.  In the end it’s all good.  


Where the mind leads the body will follow.  


Much love and peace to you.  Your in control, it’s your decisions that count X

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