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Want to feel fantastic, lose weight & tone up using sensible eating & exercise? I'll show you how,
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“Before I started with Christina I was living of shakes and bars and diet food and felt tired, lethargic, no energy.  I eat anything now, loads of healthy nice foods that fill me up!  I’m feeling so much better.  I feel fantastic now”.

Sally, weight loss so far 2 stone and 18cm off her waist:
Christina Croft Fitness weight Loss


1:1 Training with Nutritional Assessment & recommendations.  Recipe Pack, Snack Pack, Cook Up Sessions, 2 Coached sessions per week, 2 video sessions per week.  Optional Facebook support.

Christina Croft Fitness Buddy-up


1:2 (you and your buddy) Training with Nutritional Assessment & recommendations.  Recipe Pack, Individual Training Programmes.  Weekly meet ups with your Buddy to train and encourage each other.  Optional Facebook and Skype support.

Christina Croft Fitness Personal Training


Includes 1:1 coaching, Nutritional Assessment & recommendations.  Specifically tailored individual Training Programme that is regularly updated, realistic and time phased.


Once signed up to a Christina Croft Package, uniquely to other personal trainers, you can view your current progress level and dietary information through the client log-in page accessible anytime, anywhere through your smart phone, PC or tablet. You'll be able to view your programme cards, meal plans, fitness stats, timetables or book a class and see your progress in picture form through graphs & charts.

What our Clients Say

"I used to spend a fortune on treatments for my bad back and thanks to Christina I now have no pain or discomfort.  I feel so much stronger and fitter.  I can also start to feel my core strengthening, something I've never had before!

Sarah, CC Fitness Client

“Christina has made my weight reduction journey fun, supported and easier than I ever thought it could be.  She is highly motivating, very considerate of individual needs and happy to create a program that really feels achievable.  Christina also helps with sound nutritional guidance alongside her exercise program which has been so useful for me.  I can highly recommend her and have been delighted with my results so far”.

Corinna, weight loss so far 2 stone and 17cm off her waist

Christina Croft Fitness

The Complete Package

With ​Christina Croft Fitness you get what you need to help, educate and enable you on your fitness journey. 

Don't like gyms? I'll come to you and bring all the equipment with me.

Scared and nervous that you don't know what to do? I always provide levels that suit your needs and pride myself on educating you so that you'll easily be able to perform your programme cards when I'm not there.

Want to work out with friends? I've especially created the Buddy Up Package so that you can do just that! Two or three friends can work with me together and with each other when I'm not around.

Struggle to know how and what to cook? I will give you meal plans, recipes and a shopping list to make it as easy as possible. I'll even do cook up sessions if that's what you need. I'm dedicated to helping you solve your problems.

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